Thursday, 9 December 2010

Bathroom mirror poll results create a positive mirror promotion

Feedback from consumers is always usefull and the results can help shape promotions. When we asked what aspect consumers most look for when purchasing a bathroom mirror we discovered a shaver socket was the biggest priority. With this in mind the Shore bathroom mirror has been selected for promotion throughout December.

Mirror review: The Shore bathroom mirror measures 600 x 450mm and is approximately 45mm deep. It has a slight bevelled edge mirror glass sitting on a metal construction back box. The backbox of this bathroom mirror screws directly to the wall and has inside all the electrical components and bulbs. The shaver socket is located on the side of the mirror and is permanently live allowing a toothbrush or razor to be charge through the bathroom mirror even with the lights turned off. Power to the lights is controlled through a pull switch located at the bottom of the mirror.

The Shore bathroom mirror promotion will continue throughout December

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