Thursday, 25 November 2010

Choosing an illuminated bathroom mirror dependent upon the light you require

Often when buying an illuminated bathroom mirror we look for certain aspects of the product that may be included such as a shaver socket or demister pad. These additions can be very desirable however we often fail to think about the actual light output that the mirror will project and how it can effect what purpose we bought the bathroom mirror in the first place.

Originally when illuminated mirrors were first produced they all seemed to fit the same design. Simple halogen or incandescent bulbs inside the mirror would produce a similar light. Modern bathroom mirrors come with a variety of different bulbs and one should consider which is best for the application required. Take for example an LED bathroom mirror looks very contemporary and can be quite bright however its not the best light for applying make-up or shaving in. An LED mirror may be more suited for someone who wants a mirror to look stylish but not actually that task led. Similarly mirrors with low energy tubes in are great for the energy conscious (if thats what you require) however the cold light they emit may not suit shaving. They do however emit a similar light to daylight so applying make-up in this kind of light may be good. Mirrors with halogen lights will emit a warm light similar to indoors in the evening so again if applying make-up for example the mirror will allow you to see how you may look in an indoor environment but not neccesarily give you a true impression of how you may look in natural daylight.

The point is you should consider what you need the mirror for before buying and base your decesions not only just on design and cost but also on actually lighting requirements.

Examples of different light types within our mirrors can be found on our website If a mirror states the bulb type as G4 or G9 then this is halogen. If it mentions CFL or has tubes inside it is low energy and if it mentions LEDs then this is an LED mirror.

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